Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cook and eat vegetables like crazy!

When I decided what to cook tonight my decision was based on the over-full pantry and refrigerator! I had a ton of spaghetti, a 1/2 jar of sauce and veggies! The only logical answer was spaghetti! Once I told Gareth what we were having he was not thrilled...at all. He asked if there were going to be meatballs, and that gave me the idea to use up the hamburger meat from last night's hamburgers. Shooting lots of birds with one stone! Yahoo!

I was excited to make a veggie-packed pasta dish for myself but I also wanted to try a recipe for baked zucchini chips! Since I had bought zucchini on Sunday, and I had the rest of the ingredients on hand it would be a great pairing with spaghetti.

They weren't hard to make at all (unless you count getting egg/breadcrumb/egg/breadcrumb fingers hard)! I cooked the meat with some garlic before adding the rest of the jar of marinara. I also added 1/2 a jar of water for a couple of reasons: 1) My mom taught me that it gets the rest of the sauce out 2) It made the 1/2 jar go a bit further! I let that simmer on the stove while I prepped my chips and cooked the spaghetti.

Since Gareth does not eat vegetables like I do and I wanted to add them to my spaghetti, I steamed some zucchini and broccoli and poured some sauce on top of it. I then poured that on top of my spaghetti. It was delicious!

The chips turned out just like they were supposed to. I liked them and would make them again but I wasn't crazy about them. I used panko breadcrumbs so maybe that made it taste too bready to me, but I didn't LOVE them. I dipped them in the marinara and it made a pretty healthy/good appetizer. I think you should try them if you are into that kind of thing!

I was prepared to give you a review of the next stop on my tour de yogurt this evening but upon inspection...they have not opened yet. I guess I will have to head to another place on the list this week! If all else fails I can go to Pinkberry again. I mean I have only been back once twice since they opened!

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