Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tour de Yogurt: Kiwi

I am actually a frequent visitor to this yogurt shop, but I went again to make sure my facts were up to date! ;) After dinner tonight Gareth and I went to Kiwi in Oldsmar to get some yogurt. I was pretty full from dinner so I opted to take it home.

Kiwi shares a store with Greenwise Market Cafe which is a healthy-option Panera-like restaurant. I have had the food once when they first opened and was not blown away. The yogurt, however has been my favorite! Their signature flavor is "Taro". Taro is a root vegetable but when blended with yogurt makes just a sweet...different flavor. It is my go-to flavor here and tastes good with all of the toppings available.

Today I ordered a Taro. They were out after she filled the cup 1/3 of the way. I told her to go ahead and put my toppings in the middle while the yogurt was chilling. I had strawberries, mango and kiwi. The girl helping me was VERY generous with the "toppings" and I was wondering where the rest of the yogurt was going to go. She ended up pumping it out still a bit melty. It made quite a mess and since I was bringing it home I had to eat half of it just so it wouldn't flood the car. Side note: If this were my first time I probably wouldn't go back due to the mess/inconvenience, but I know they usually have it ice cold and ready to go! Once I got home I dumped it into a bigger bowl and stuck it in the freezer.

At this point it's still pretty soupy but it's alright I can wait. In my experience the yogurt from Kiwi does not freeze very well. It still tastes good!

I would have to score Kiwi a solid 7. It is above average due to the interesting flavor and mounds of toppings but I can now compare it to Pinkberry and I think that it is much more heavy tasting, and doesn't seem as healthy.

Pros: GENEROUS toppings, good selection of toppings, Facebook deals (mention an ad get a yogurt free!), close to the main road we use for restaurants, and close to the movie theater
Cons: Lacking a FRESH flavor, today it had bad consistency, do not have different toppings, only have 6 flavor options (but they do change regularly).

Ok, so it was good...but if I could have gone to Pinkberry I would have! :)

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