Friday, August 12, 2011

Tour de Yogurt!

I am not going to say I am a yogurt connoisseur or anything...yet; I just really love froyo! As hot as it has been in Florida I couldn't imagine having anything else for dessert (except maybe a milkshake or a bowl of ice cream...but that's besides the point). There is a current trend out there and I am willing to participate!

TCBY, Kiwi, The Yogurt Spot, Yogurt Mountain, and Pinkberry...just to name a few. I am definitely one to judge a book by it's cover unless it's dessert. I am willing to try a yogurt from each of these until I find the best in the area. Consider this a favor I am doing for all of you readers. You won't have to waste your time at the no-good yogurt spots (do those exist?!).

Tonight I started my tour with my yogurt-loving sister in tow. She decided the tour should start with Pinkberry...boy was that a mistake; quite possibly the best mistake I've made!


After a filling dinner in Westchase we did a lap around the block to ready ourselves for the deliciousness we were about to encounter.  Pinkberry is the famous and possibly ORIGINAL frozen yogurt shop. Originally in New York and California, this is a popular spot for the celebs! Now in Florida, we can all enjoy.

The decor is really what gets me. They have pebble-y floors and glass walls. Very modern. We were greeted by super friendly employees all very eager to help us. We both decided that we wanted to taste the chocolate and the mango. My sister nearly collapsed at the taste of the chocolate. To. Die. For. I thought the mango was super fresh and the perfect amount of fruitiness. We also tried the watermelon yogurt which was fruity but not necessarily watermelon-y.

Karen decided on a side-by-side of original (tart) and chocolate with the following toppings: brownie bites, strawberries, and fruity pebbles. I decided on the mango and original side-by-side with strawberries, blueberries, mango, and raspberries.

This was the best yogurt I have ever eaten. The fruit was fresh and the yogurt itself was delicious. I ate a whole medium serving. The best part was not feeling stuffed afterward. We knew going into this that we would favor Pinkberry, so it probably wasn't a good idea to go there first. Oh well, I have to go back to fill up my punch-card. Plus, they opened a Chipotle next you know Gareth will want to go back soon!

Pros: DELICIOUS, one price no matter how many toppings (and they had a TON to choose from), decor, friendly staff, take home size and they put it in a cooler with ice for you (how cool? literally!), they have freshest fruit, they CATER, super clean and tidy environment.

Cons: You cannot fill your car to the top and take it home, there are not many flavors to choose from: chocolate, mango, watermelon, salted caramel, original, and coconut (this wasn't an issue since they were all so good!).

Fun Fact: Pinkberry employees always hand you your delectable dessert with two hands and the pinkberry logo facing you!

This one definitely scores a 10 out of 10 on my yogurt scale...and Karen's too!

Stay tuned for the next yogurt review!

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